Susprod was founded to be a contract web design/development company that specifically serves marketing agencies. It started as a freelance company but then we started to get overloaded with requests and were able to bring on team members.

We specifically are setup to be the primary design and development production team for only a few agencies. We tend not to do just individual sites for just 1 business. We like to work closely with agencies and be able to handle ALL of their production needs and keep in close communication with them at all times.

Our newest sites are done as responsive sites and we stay on top of the latest design and development standards and ideas. We used to say that we work outside the box but have found that a lot of the times that is an excuse to not really understand what is being asked of you. So we prefer to say that we delve into the box, learn all its boundaries, push them as we can, and offer an outstanding product that is within the scope of what we were asked to deliver.

Most web projects are done with a content management system, either WordPress or MODX depending on the size and scope of the project.

Eric Wargo

Husband, father, not my own. I am the founder of susprod and I am a designer turned developer turned business guy.

I am a front-end developer and I specialize in web presences based through WordPress or MODX. I am familiar with other CMS’ but those are my weapons of choice.

What sets me apart from other contract developers is that I prefer to work for agencies. I try to make sure to have an agency in between myself and the client. That way the agency is able to handle the overall needs of the client and I can assist in deploying the strategy that the agency has put in place for the client.

I am in every way dedicated to you and your bottom line. My history of design, production, marketing and development can help bring you to a new level in which your brand name is well known.

I also own 77 Realty Solutions which I operate on the side.


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  • Zweig White


    A collaborative WordPress project with an incredible design by Smart Ash Work and managed by Elevate Marketing Advisors. Zweig is a leader in the oil and gas consulting world.

    Agency: Elevate Marketing Advisors

  • Empowering Pumps


    A news site built in WordPress with numerous custom post types and user accounts.

    Agency: Marketects

  • Riad Reviews


    A website built in MODX that allows users to review their experience of riads, hotel style accomodations, in the country of Morocco.

Additional Development Projects


If you need any help in any way, just reach out and we can make something happen for you.

Send an inquiry, a call, a text, email, tweet...you get the idea.