Cloud Computing

What is all this cloud computing about? Well its a long answer but here is one thing that will help you get started.

There are numerous aspects to the cloud.

First, the cloud is a server sitting in a data center as show in the picture above. A data center is the place where they store all the servers. Its usually really cold in there and its a geeks dream-job to work and live in one.

Secondly, there are many uses for the cloud.

  • Cloud storage like DropBox (owned by Amazon) and The Box. These let you upload files to a server (cloud) and let you view them from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, online, etc…
  • Cloud computing, is when you have numerous people all log in to a server and work on a program such as Quickbooks where everyone needs to pull information from 1 central location such as a database with all the company information on it.


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